Yin and Yang on Friday Night

Blog post: Friday 1/24/14 5:15 pm


I am reading this great book on Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark. It is called “The Complete Guide to...The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga,” and in it so far I have learned about the fact that yin is in yang, and yang is in yin. That yin is feminine, dark, cool and restful. Yang is lively, active, bright, warm and masculine.


We in the west don’t think this way, the author says. We see things in black or white, not black within white, white within black. But that is the yin and yang design. Balance is maintained not just by two plates on a scale, but by the point of tension and oscillation in between the two plates, that eventually holds each scale in midair, equal.


I came home from work today and found it much easier than usual to transition into chores around my house (laundry, pets, cooking). Does it have to do with midterm quarterlies creating a different work rhythm, or the cold weather making it more tempting to hunker down, or the fact that the Yin Yoga book has given me a logical reason to focus as much energy on my yin Friday night as I do on my Yang Monday morning?


I’m teaching yin on Tuesdays, and practicing on Thursdays at my local studio. On Wednesdays I’m teaching adults and on Fridays, teens.


I only had two teens today, as opposed to twelve or sixteen. That in itself was a little yin in yang. We moved more quickly as they’ve learned Sun Salutations last week, but the smaller numbers made the room quieter and the empty space more apparent.

And I’m pleased with my choice to teach the high school club on Fridays because it forces me, by guiding others in relaxation, to consider my own. And then I leave the school grounds on a different wavelength. Calmer, centered and more yintastic.

Tea bag tidbit:”The tribute to learning is teaching.” ~ Wise Saying from the Orient