La rentrée

Today is the first Sunday sandwiched in between school days. I can feel the routine of fall returning every so naturally. Jay and I went for a walk this morning to pick up some groceries for dinner and it was so nice walking through Goshen and seeing familiar faces out for early morning jogs, bike-rides, walks or drives. This community has so much history, and just being able to appreciate the beauty of our village was a treat. (The weather today is pretty amazing too.)

I taught Friday night's Vibrant Vinyasa class at Wild Soul Yoga in Middletown and Saturday morning's Gentle class at Solfull Yoga in Monroe. (I also snuck in a gentle class for myself at Ananda Ashram Saturday morning.) So I started my day Saturday feeling happy, centered and blessed. I love routines because you can rely on them, but also change them up if you need to. This weekend feels all about attempting some good habits for the school year but also relishing the sweet nothingness of weekends.

The energy in all the yoga classes I attended this fin de semaine was warm, solid and grounded. It was great. I hope to see lots of familiar faces as the school year progresses, and also can't wait to see who's going to discover yoga for the first time and fall in love with it like I did.

Back to School. Back to Yoga. I'm so grateful for the opportunities to teach and learn this art form/science of yoga. I'm so excited to see how it will inform my time with students and colleagues. 

lokah samasthah sukhino bhavanthu - may all beings everywhere be happy and blessed.